Day 1:

9:30AM – Arrival & Welcome

9:40AM – Ontario's Southwest Regional Update/Industry updates

10:15AM – Keynote Speaker

11:15AM – Exhibitor Break

11:45AM – Buffet Lunch

1:30PM – 4:30pm – Offsite Learning Tours

4:30PM – Back at Hotel

5:15PM – Buses depart hotel for Welcome Reception

5:30PM – 8:30pm: Reception


Day 2:

7:30AM – 9:00AM – Breakfast

9:00AM – Plenary Speaker

10:15AM – Exhibitor Break

10:45AM – Concurrent Sessions

  • 1A - Live Streaming 3.0: Go Live and Thrive!

    • Melissa Schenk is no stranger to Ontario's Southwest.  Join her and 4 business owners that took the plunge, going live with her during her Road Tour. Learn about the ULTIMATE power behind storytelling and just want it takes to become your own social media influencer. The numbers don't lie! These business owners will give you a first-hand account of the results they had and what it's like to go live and thrive! You'll be LIVE STREAMING before the end of the session once you hear what they have to say! 

  • 1B - Crafting Tourism Story Narratives with Celes Davar

    • What’s your story? How are you crafting your tourism story’s narrative?  We’re pleased to have Celes Davar joining us once again to share insights and provide tips into the art of storytelling that will help you to craft your tourism story. He’ll share how you can tease out elements of your business or experience story, so you can stand out, attracting the right customers for the right reasons. Celes will share inspirational examples, take you through a learning activity, and help you shape your unique visitor experience positioning during this breakout session.

  • 1C - Leadership Training with ZingTrain

    • Strong leadership and innovative management practices have been key to Zingerman’s success.  In an era of increased competition and a tighter labor market, a positive company culture and identity, together with an inspiring vision for the future, can have an enormous impact on customer and staff loyalty.
      In this breakout session, Joanie Hales will present Zingerman’s unique management philosophy, based on the concepts of Servant Leadership and Stewardship.  In addition to being a central piece of Zingerman’s internal management training, these concepts have been enthusiastically received by a number of outside clients, representing libraries, manufacturers, non-profit organizations, health-care providers, and more.

11:45AM – 1:15PM – Lunch & Innovation Awards

1:15PM – Concurrent Sessions

  • 2A - Facebook Advertising for Beginners: Beyond the Boost with Greg McLachlan

    • So, you’re boosting posts all the time on Facebook and thinking “WOW!” Seriously, you’re only realizing a half-WOW. You just may not know it. There’s a far more powerful and cost-effective world of Facebook advertising you’re missing by not creating your ads through Facebook’s Ads Manager tool. Don’t let the name scare you. In this beginner session, you’ll get a simplified view into this tool and learn why it’s the better and smarter way to advertise vs clicking those Boost A Post buttons you see all the time on your page. You’ll get a step-by-step walk through on the big screen for how to choose a smart objective, how to create an ad, and get easy tips for a real (yes, we mean real!) WOW ad. You may never go back to Boosting Posts again after this session! 

  • 2B - Happy Employees = Happy Customers = HIGHER PROFITS!

    • Join Meghan from Snyders Farm & Fear Farm as she divulges a few secrets as to how she keeps her 180 seasonal employees, engaged year after year, having fun, and why they’re known as an employer for building incredible team spirit!

  • 2C - Experience Development: Lessons Along the Way

    • Programs and people are the heart of experiential travel.  Hear from some of the champions leading the charge in experiential travel in Ontario’s Southwest, connect with them and hear about what they’re learning along the way!

2:15PM – Exhibitor Break

2:45PM – Plenary Speaker

3:45PM – Closing remarks

4:00PM – Safe travels home