Hands-on learning
Innovation Award
Delegates Having Fun

1. Get Connected

Join tourism representatives, local business owners, municipal and provincial leaders. With over 200 attendees, the OSW Conference hosts all major tourism influencers in the Southwest region. The amazing attendees make the conference a fantastic opportunity to connect, network, and learn from other experts.

2. Learn from the Best

We bring tourism experts from across Canada to speak, inspire and motivate. Keynote speakers address our common issues. While breakout sessions focus on specific business interests, in a smaller group setting, all speakers welcome your questions to tap their expertise.  

3. Get Hands-On

We provide learning tours for all attendees. Participants select one of three tours that best suit your learning needs. Each tour stops at three locations to learn first-hand from businesses’ best practices. They’ll share their lessons to achieve success in delivering tourism experiences.

4. Current Happenings in the Tourism Industry & Region

Feeling out of the loop? Wondering what the latest developments are in the tourism industry? The OSW Tourism conference delivers up to date information that is relevant to your tourism planning. Learn trends, best practices and successes to keep you in the know.

5. Choose What to Learn

Our aim is to let you choose what learning best meets your needs. Participants select their favourite breakout sessions, learning tours and event sweet treats from large dessert buffets.

6. Learn in Small, Focused Groups

Breakout sessions are a major part of the OSW conference. Participants are given opportunities to learn about their interests with like-minded industry representatives. Session presenters will answer questions relevant to growing your business.

7. Learn Today, Implement Tomorrow

In your own business, or in collaboration with industry partners, we want the information you learn to be relevant and applicable. By engaging industry leaders you’ll get hands on experience from local owners providing great applications for your own successful ventures.

8. Celebrate & be Inspired by Innovation

We have introduced three Innovation Awards to the conference: Innovative Business of the Year, Innovative Start-up of the Year, and Innovative Experience of the Year. The awards celebrate and recognize the best regional developments to inspire continued creativity in Ontario’s Southwest. Know someone who fits the innovative bill? Nominations are open until December 31st!

9. Explore London

If you haven’t heard, this year’s conference is in Londonn! See the local industry in action, taste local favourites and find your own gems in the city’s neighbourhoods featuring their own unique offerings. A great opportunity to discover why we’re loving London.  

10. We’re in the FUN business!

As dedicated tourism partners, we want to reward your exceptional efforts to remind you that our industry, like our conference, is in the fun business. Come join us for an amazing opportunity to learn, link, laugh and inspire with the best.  Because, it’s our true nature to shape excellence for our guests.